XR Web Roundup

VR Web Roundup: 23rd May

VR Web Roundup: 23rd May

Every week, we share nine VR stories from around the web that have caught our eyes here at


1) In The AI Wars, Microsoft Now Has The Clearer Vision

Techcrunch attends Build and I/O; finds Microsoft and Google on a collision course. 

2) VR’s High Fidelity Obsession Is Holding It Back

Venturebeat makes the case for compelling content before high resolution graphics. 

3) UploadVR Sued Over ‘Rampant’ Sexual Behavior In The Workplace And Wrongful Termination

It’s alleged that UploadVR HQ has a ‘sex room’ (our contacts have never found it). 

4) Magic Leap Could Be Looking At An $8 Billion Valuation

And we thought the previous $4.5b valuation was high for a company yet to release a product! 

5) Geometry Global And Blippar Launch Global Partnership To Bring AR To Retail

AR for the shopping journey in and around retail spaces with product-specific, relevant digital content. 

6) Evangelion VR Puts You In The Pilot's Seat. Literally.

Namco Bandai announces seated experience for its Shinjuku VR Zone amusement centre this summer. 

7) GAME Launches Unattractive New £36 Loyalty Card Scheme

British bricks-and-mortar games retail chain finds a new way to profit from its customers. 

8) MindMaze Receives FDA Clearance To Bring VR Rehab Platform To The US

Swiss company gets the green card to take its VR tech Stateside for the rehabilitation of stroke and traumatic injury patients. 

9) Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney Fears The Metaverse Will Be A Proprietary Technology

Epic Games’ CEO in conversation at GamesBeat Summit. 

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