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VR Web Roundup: 6th June

VR Web Roundup: 6th June

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1) The Most Active Investors In Augmented/Virtual Reality And Their Companies In One Infographic

CB Insights Research ranks VR’s top VCs and investors, led by Rothenberg, boostVC, and Vive X.

2) Virtual Reality - The Future Of Media Or Just A Passing Trend? 

Forbes Agency Council members talk about whether they see VR as just a trend or as the future of advertising and media.

3) VR Start-ups Go Into Cockroach Mode To Survive Barren Consumer Market 

Are VR devs hibernating until the consumer market wakes up?

4) When AR Meets Video Chat, Remote Troubleshooting Gets Real 

CNet finds that AR is the future of remote assistance.

5) String Theory’s Weirdest Ideas Finally Make Sense—Thanks to VR 

Wired explains how scale in VR can give a new perspective on theoretical physics.

6) Montreal surgeon 1st in North America to use Augmented Reality technology on sinus patients 

Montreal surgeon says AR makes complex surgeries quicker and safer.

7) Not Sure If You Want To Have A Baby? Try Procreating In VR First 

Becoming a new parent is one of the few things more frightening than being seen in a VR headset.

8) Oculus Founder Plots a Comeback With a Virtual Border Wall 

The New York Times reports on Oculus co-founder’s ‘military’ plans with a Trump advisor.

9) Breaking Bad VR Experience In The Works With Sony Pictures, Creator And Playstation 

SIEA President tells Polygon of ‘TV’ ambitions in an interview.

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