VR Web Roundup: 20th June

VR Web Roundup: 20th June

Every week, we share nine VR stories from around the web that have caught our eyes here at


1) VR’s Killer App: Business Services 

Techcrunch argues that enterprise VR will be key to mainstream adoption.

2) Beyond Reality – The Rise Of The Digitally-Enhanced Store 

Cate Trotter, Head of Trends at Insider Trends looks at the changing retail landscape

3) Here’s Why Investors Are Pouring Cash Into AR And VR Startups 

Inc anticipates a time when we all use AR and VR every day.

4) When Will Virtual Reality Be Able to Connect Directly to Our Minds? 

Futurism readers and experts predict a 2030 date for brain interfaces.

5) IMAX Opens Virtual Reality Center In NYC 

Sound And Vision magazine finds flaws in IMAX’s new East coast VR offering.

6) Could Augmented Reality Help You Quit Smoking? 

The Daily Mail looks at technology that creates 3D replicas of patients' organs to warn them of the effects before it's too late.

7) Mixed Reality-The Future of Computing 

A useful overview of MR in case you need to educate the uninitiated.

8) Sitecore Consultancy Brings Virtual Reality to Web Content Management 

Opening up online consumer experiences for WebVR.

9) Predictions for VR and AR in 2025 

Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games and professor at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University shares his thoughts with Venturebeat.

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