XR Web Roundup

XR Web Roundup: 8th August

XR Web Roundup: 8th August

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1) 380 Million iPhones Are Compatible With ARKit 

Not only are there 381M Apple AR capable devices active today, but there will be half a billion by the end of 2017 and about 850M by 2020.

2) The Business Of Virtual Reality Arcades, A Future $45 Billion Industry 

Forbes finds China leading the charge with the rest of the world catching up.

3) VR’s Grand Challenge: Michael Abrash On The Future Of Human Interaction 

An article based on Oculus Chief Scientist’s presentation at the third Global Grand Challenges Summit.

4) Before Augmented Reality Becomes The Next Big Thing, Here’s What Needs To Happen 

Why gesture recognition needs to enable controller-free interaction for the mass market.

5) VR Ads Are Almost Here. Don’t Act Surprised 

Wired agrees with our Focal Point panel that advertising could be XR’s biggest money-spinner.

6) From Storytelling To VR 'Storyliving': Future Marketing Communications 

Six recent examples convey the power of Virtual Reality to touch people in profound, memorable ways.

7) Omega Ophthalmics Is An Eye Implant Platform With The Power Of Continuous AR 

Co-founder Gary Wortz explains his vision for the future of XR without HMDs.

8) Best Programming Languages for Augmented Reality 

YouTuber Chris Hawkes gives an introduction to the DevMountain Bootcamp that aims to get new developers up and running in 12 weeks.

9) Microsoft's Explanimators Explain Mixed Reality 

The next step in human and computer interrelation in cartoon form.

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