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VR Web Roundup: 11th July

VR Web Roundup: 11th July

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1) Unity's Head Of VR "Can't Make An Economic Argument" For Making A VR Game 

Tony Parisi points out that devs should create for VR to get into the field, not to get rich.

2) Minority Media’s Vander Caballero On How To Survive The VR Desert 

An interview by Venturebeat looking at alternate revenue streams for VR devs.

3) Augmented Reality On Your Desk—All You Need Is A Lightbulb Socket 

MIT Technology Review details research work on a prototype that projects multi-touch displays onto any surface.

4) Google Lens Offers A Snapshot Of The Future For Augmented Reality And AI 

A look at Google’s future as an AI-first company.

5) Billionaire Jim Jannard Launches First Virtual Reality Smartphone 

Forbes looks at RED’s Hydrogen One; the world’s first holographic media machine.

6) This AR Firefighter Helmet Will Save Lives 

Qwake’s C-Thru AR helmet looks so cool, we want one for our motorbike!

7) How Virtual Reality May Change Your Life 

The BBC points out the medium’s potential to British audiences.

8) Rabbids And Toy Soldiers Could Become Ubisoft’s First Augmented Reality Games 

French publishers keen to capitalise on their VR early mover advantage.

9) Sonic Augmented Reality Experience Coming To SDCC! 

Eagle-eyed Sonic fan site uncovers Sega’s plans to present an AR Sonic experience at San Diego Comic Con.

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