XR Web Roundup

VR Web Roundup: 4th July

VR Web Roundup: 4th July

Every week, we share nine VR stories from around the web that have caught our eyes here at 


1) Apple Invents A 3D Depth Mapping Camera For Hand Gesturing Interfaces For Future Macs And Smartglasses 

Patently Apple finds another Apple patent!

2) Apple’s AR Is Closer To Reality Than Google’s 

The Verge finds that Google's Tango is about the future whereas Apple's ARKit is about the present

3) Apple AR Is Already Blowing Up 

Forbes rounds up some interesting Apple AR projects.

4) VR, AR Developers Move Away From Mobile To Higher-End Systems 

So says the UBM Game Network and its survey of more than 600 industry professionals.

5) Snapchat Bought The AR Location Intellectual Property Of Start-up, Drop 

Snap Map is Snapchat’s plan to tie together its online content with ways to augment your offline reality, and it’s got the patent to back it up.

6) Nasdaq’s Trekkie CEO Wants To Modernize Wall Street With Blockchain, VR, And Anything Else That Sticks 

Adena Friedman, the first woman to run a U.S. stock exchange, needs to look for growth outside of Nasdaq’s comfort zone.

7) Nike's Newest App Uses AR To Sell Momofuku Sneakers 

Top sports brand uses AR to promote limited edition trainers.

8) Virtual Reality Audiences Stare Straight Ahead 75% Of The Time 

We’ve seen this with our own eyes...

9) VRotica: A $220 VR Headset Just For Watching Porn 

Cambridge co beats Google and HTC to the all-in-one punch.

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