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VR Web Roundup: 9th May

VR Web Roundup: 9th May

Every week, we share nine VR stories from around the web that have caught our eyes here at


1) Why This Futuristic Tech Will Be The Future of Computing

Time magazine picks up on Facebook’s claims and asks if Apple will deliver on those promises.

2) How tech is transforming manufacturing

ZDNet includes VR and AR in their look at how goods will be designed and made.

3) These Are The VR Startups In Asia Everyone Should Be Watching Right Now

Forbes picks its top 4 VR start-ups from Japan and South Korea.

4) Virtual reality check: Oculus, HTC and Sony's verdict on the future and first year of VR

MCV looks back at the last (first) 12 months in VR.

5) Netflix to Build App for Microsoft’s HoloLens Augmented Reality Headset 

Netflix confirms its HoloLens work to Variety magazine.

6) Improving on reality: What AR and VR mean for SMEs 

The potential for immersive media in Small-Medium sized Enterprises.

7) Avegant's light-field tech gives hope to a mixed-reality future 

engadget finds the Glyph a contender to HoloLens in their hands-on.

8) VR a game-changing gold mine 

The New Paper explores VR’s potential beyond games.

9) 7 Top Educational Virtual Reality Apps 

These are the apps setting the curriculum in the classroom for VR in education.

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