Five Reasons Why Any VR, AR or MR Developer Needs To Be At XR Connects Helsinki

Five Reasons Why Any VR, AR or MR Developer Needs To Be At XR Connects Helsinki

The XR Connects series is all about developers, from lone wolves and indie teams all the way up to established packs – sorry; studios - and the alpha influencers that are shaping the VR, AR and MR landscape. 

Between the four dedicated conference tracks running across both days of 19th and 20th September, an exhibition floor of the latest works in progress and recent releases, and the next round of the VR Indie Pitch, Helsinki will make for prime hunting ground for devs whether you’re looking for investors, business contacts, media coverage or the latest learnings in XR development from more than 60 of the biggest names in the business.


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Here are the top five reasons why any developer working in VR, AR or MR needs to be at XR Connects Helsinki next month:


1) World-class Conference Schedule

With four conference tracks dedicate to VR, AR and MR, XR Connects Helsinki offers two full days of expert insights, advice and opportunities from more than 60 speakers that represent the industry’s cutting edge and will be sure to prick up your ears. From monetisation and investment to the latest technical advances, your decision isn’t so much what you can attend as which session is more crucial.

2) Exhibitionism

Want to get your project in front of investors, publishers and the press? This is how you get their attention. The dedicated expo floor gives devs of all sizes the same chance to set out their stall and show off their wares. And even if you’re not exhibiting yourself, you can always check out what the competition’s up to as you prowl the halls...

3) VR Indie Pitch

We love, love, love seeing what VR developers around the world are working on and the VR Indie Pitch is always a highlight of our XR Connects events. It’s a chance for us to shine the light on games and apps that might otherwise go unnoticed, but it’s also a chance for developers to score a prize of thousands of pounds’ worth of marketing, as well as get valuable feedback from a panel of expert judges.

And because we always support indie studios, if you make the shortlist to pitch, devs not only get free access to the show, but expo space gratis too. This is one time you literally cannot lose by competing.

4) Indie Discount

Our love for indie devs doesn’t just include those that are brave enough to join in the pitching action; we also offer a massive discount on ticket prices. Our Mid-term offer means that indie tickets are just £115+VAT. Don’t hang about though – prices go up from 24th August.

5) Speaker Submissions Still Open

Even in the wake of ‘the year of VR’, the XR industry as a whole is still so new that we can all learn from one another. The speaker line-up for Helsinki is already looking both solid and splendid, but we’re still looking for developers willing to share the lessons learned in the pursuit of excellence in immersive media.

Yo'll be in rarefied company if you take to the stage at XR Connects, but if you have an interesting story or insights to share that you think your peers would find of value, get in touch here.

6) PC And Mobile Too

Only we could list a top five that runs to six points, but XR Connects runs alongside our sister shows, the market-leading PG Connects  and the new-for-2017 PC Connects. If you want to rub shoulders not only with the cream of the XR industry, but also mobile and PC gaming, you need to be in Helsinki next month.


XR Connects take place 19th and 20th September 2017 at Wanha Satama Pikku Satamakatu 3-5, FI-00161 Helsinki, Finland. Find out more about the event or book your ticket now. 

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