Palmer Luckey Funds Revive

Palmer Luckey Funds Revive

Oculus co-founder, Palmer Luckey, has pledged $2,000 per month on crowdfunding site Patreon to support Revive by CrossVR. Revive enables Vive owners to use software exclusive to the Oculus Rift, through an ongoing compatability programme.

This pledge has seen CrossVR reach – and exceed - its final funding goal, enabling founder Jules Blok to invest $3,500 to join the Khronos Group as an associate member and help shape the OpenXR standard. Blok said, “By joining the Khronos Group I can represent your interests to help ensure that the next generation of VR headsets will have a truly open standard.”

Luckey hasn’t commented on his pledge, but Blok posted his thanks on the crowdfunding page for the project saying, “Thanks Palmer for the $2,000 pledge! As some of you suspected the sudden extreme jump in the pledge amount is indeed by Palmer Luckey. I'd like to thank him for his pledge and everything he has done for the VR community as a whole.”

Blok has worked on Revive in his spare time for the past year and has recently returned to university.

Luckey left Oculus in unclear circumstances in March, although his subsequent social media activity suggests it was not his choice. Perhaps this motivated his decision to support open software for VR that is contrary to Oculus’ content strategy. 

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