Call For Speakers: VR Connects Helsinki

Call For Speakers: VR Connects Helsinki

We're still busy putting the finishing touches to our upcoming VR Connects San Francisco, but we're already looking forward to dropping anchor at Finland for VR Connects Helsinki on the 19th and 20th September.  


Speak Up!

All conference journeys start with the speakers, and we already have some mighty fine names confirmed. We don't hang about, so expect speaker announcements to get busier than a 2am Newcastle taxi rank. But we're still looking for fine minds to share their insight across a broad range of topics within the VR/AR/MR landscape – from monetisation, business strategy and funding to development methodology, technical knowhow, post mortems and more.

Got more info to contribute than Julian Assange? Our speaker submission form awaits.


Is It A (Super Early) Bird?

We're planning two days of 'bringing the industry together' in the Nordic territories, from creators to publishers and investors within the Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality fields of entertainment, education, experiential, industrial - and of course gaming - from all around the world.

For the final leg of our globe-hopping tour in 2017, we're going to cram in more content than you can fit on a Mumbai train, run a talent-showcasing expo more popular than Tokyo's rush hour Metro and host fringe events designed to facilitate more networking than Hanoi has mopeds.

That's boats, buses, trains, tubes, mopeds, (an exiled Australian,) taxis… can we squeeze another transport-related reference in here? Tricky, so let's scoot out of this story by letting you know that if you're planning on jetting across to Finland, the VRC Helsinki ticket price tier cycle is currently running at the Super Early Bird rate.

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