Call For Speakers At VR Connects San Francisco

Call For Speakers At VR Connects San Francisco

Never mind Trump. The biggest US-related news so far this year is the fact VR Connects is going stateside this summer.

What's VRC? Sheesh. It's our new conference - one that made its first outing during PG Connects London last month (if you weren't there and you didn't have a princess to save… we forgive you).

Taking place on 27th-28th June, VR Connects San Francisco will deliver key insight, unmissable advice, and spectacular networking to members of the VR/AR/MR industry.


Speakers Invited

We're currently in the process of pinning down our speakers and knocking the schedule into the kind of shapely form that even a pregant Beyonce might retweet so this is a quick 'save the date' and/or 'get involved' type affair.

You're no doubt wondering what's in it for you. It's a fair stance. Let's give you a quick lowdown (on the understading that things will obviously change between now and the event):

  • Brand New Event Series – From the team that brought you the successful PG Connects conferences
  • 500 cross-industry delegates - From app developers and hardware manufacturers to publishers, investors, service providers, media and more
  • 4 Core Tracks – Covering the key questions facing the industry, including global trends, technical and design issues, future technologies, and business sense (including the all-important monetisation)
  • The finest speakers – For VRC London we had the likes of AMD, BAFTA, BBC, Brandwidth, Coatsink, Curiscope, Digital Jam, Draw & Code, Fast Travel, Framestore, Gamma Law, Google, Greenpeace, Gumi, HammerheadVR, Microsoft, nDreams, Resolution Games, REWIND, RVX, Sea Monster, Sony, SVRIVE, Third Floor, Unity, Virtual Umbrella, VREAL, Wargaming VR, and more...
  • Pitch & Match – Free business matching meeting system for all attendees
  • SpeedMatch – Publishers, developers, 2 hours, 1 room: guaranteed meetings for all selected participants
  • Expo Area – Discover VR games, applications, technologies, services and more in a dedicated expo area
  • VR Indie Pitch – As part of VR Connects comes the VR-centric version of the Big Indie Pitch competition
  • VRC Party – Let your hair down, get your dancing shoes on and your business cards out in our relaxed, always-popular after-hours event

We'll update regularly with regards to content, of course. For now we're open to speaker submissions and anyone more comfortable sitting in the audience can grab a Super Early Bird ticket which are now live.

More soon...

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