Every PS VR Game From PlayStation Experience 2017

Every PS VR Game From PlayStation Experience 2017

Sony held its latest consumer PlayStation event over the weekend in Anaheim, California, giving the general public its first chance to see and play a huge number of forthcoming PS4 games.

And of course, PS VR was in full effect at the PlayStation Experience too. From the big screen theatrical opening to announcements, reveals and interviews, as well as demo pods aplenty, it’s clear that Sony is looking to extend its lead in VR hardware sales - two million units and counting - with a raft of compelling content for the format.


Playable PS VR games At PlayStation Experience 2017

  • Anamorphine
  • Bow to Blood
  • Bravo Team
  • Dark Eclipse
  • Farpoint
  • Golem
  • Gungrave VR
  • Knockout League
  • League of War: VR Arena
  • Medusa and Man
  • Moss
  • Resident Evil 7 biohazard
  • Shooty Fruity
  • Sprint Vector
  • The American Dream
  • The Inpatient
  • The Persistence PSVR
  • X Animal (PSVR)
  • XING: The Land Beyond


Let’s look at all the PS VR goodness that was front and centre at Sony’s show in Anaheim.

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  • Wipeout Omega Collection

    This may not be an all-new futuristic racer for VR, but the news that Wipeout Omega Collection will be playable in PS VR made many fans giddy with excitement. We can’t help but think the sheer pace and physics defying track layouts will make them feel another kind of giddy once they’ve played it though...

    While there are no new tracks or ships for VR, headset use isn’t limited to a single mode - GT Sport, we’re looking at you! - as every track and mode is playable in PS VR. The game also gets a new cockpit view with head-tracking and full 3D audio in upcoming update.

    The Wipeout Omega Collection VR mode will be playable free to owners of the full game in early 2018.

  • Jupiter And Mars

    The PlayStation Experience gave us our first glimpse at Jupiter and Mars, an underwater adventure game developed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

    Play as Jupiter, a dolphin with enhanced echolocation powers, and her partner Mars, to solve puzzles, encounter magnificent creatures known as the Elders, and travel around the world to disable the remnants of manmade machinery disrupting marine live everywhere.

    Watch the world return to life as you free sea creatures, unlock special power-ups, and return coral reefs to life. Featuring a futuristic underwater world set to an evocative, electronic soundtrack, we’re promised that Jupiter & Mars is unlike any adventure game you have ever seen or heard.

  • Rick And Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

    When Owlchemy Labs released Virtual Rick-ality for PC VR in April, console players were vocal in their desire to see the licensed game come to PS VR - and they have been heard!

    With mostly positive user reviews on the Steam Store, the game gives players the chance to experience life as a clone of Morty and all the trauma that comes with it. Step through portals to strange worlds, help Rick with his bizarre experiments, and use your hands in VR to pick up and play in a 3D Rick-ality.

  • Shooty Fruity

    Shooty Fruity is a multi-tasking shooter from nDreams where players must do their job as a sharpshooting shop clerk during the heat of combat. Take on new roles, unlock new weapons and blow up tons of fruit in your juicy career. Scan! Shoot! Repeat!

    Shooty Fruity will be released for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for £15.99 on the 19th December.

  • Knockout League

    Another PC VR title coming to console is Knockout League from Grab Games. This arcade style boxing game lets players train in the gym of the legendary Doug Johnson or step into the ring against nine crazy characters and put their boxing skills to the test.

  • Killing Floor: Incursion

    Just released on Rift and Vive, Killing Floor: Incursion comes to PS VR as a fully-realized, multi-hour, story-driven adventure with an endless Holdout mode exclusive to console. In solo or co-op mode, travel diverse environments, from creepy farmhouses to the catacombs of Paris, in order to uncover who - or what - is behind the Zed menace.

    We found it an interesting, if slightly clunky, experience on Rift, but you can’t deny the fun to be had as you flap a skull’s jaw by waving it about.

    Watch the following video for an interview with Tripwire Interactive’s John Gibson and to see the game in action.

  • Blood And Truth

    If there’s one experience from Sony’s VR Worlds demo disc that the public has asked time and again to be turned into a full game, it’s SIE London Studio’s The London Heist. Despite the studio’s closure in September 2016, Sony brought it back from the dead to work on a spiritual successor to the demo, Blood And Truth.

    Announced at the Paris Games Week event, we’ve had chance to play the game and can’t help but wonder if the fact that the studio has lost many of the key personnel responsible for making The London Heist has affected the development of Blood And Truth. We’ll find out next year...

    The following video is an interview with SIE London Studio’s Mike Hampden, and a live demo of the game.

  • Accounting+

    Announced at the recent Game Awards, Accounting+ brings one of PC VR’s most anarchic comedy games to console, with additional content - hence the 'plus' in the name. Imagine crossing South Park with Inception and a LOT of swearing...

    It's out on the 19th of this month. 

    At this weekend’s PSX event, we found out a bit more about what to expect thanks to a panel session with Justin Roiland, co-creator of the Adult Swim TV show, and Crows Crows Crows founder, William Pugh.

  • Dark Eclipse

    Dark Eclipse is a multiplayer online battle strategy game MOBA (RTS) for PlayStation VR now confirmed for an American release in 2018.

    Without the traditional boundary of a 2D screen, players can enjoy 3D sound, tactile feedback and innovative locomotion in VR as they control three characters, build towers to defend territory, and strike to destroy the enemy base.

  • Firewall Zero Hour

    Announced at PSX, this PS VR exclusive is due for release next year.

    Developers, FIrst Contact Entertainment, are the first to say that Rainbow 6 is a huge influence on this 4v4 tactical shooter. Compatible with both DS4 or Aim, integration of Aim controls took the developers less than a week.

    Made by a team of shooter veterans with experience on IPs that include Call of Duty, Medal Of Honour, Halo, and Overwatch, we’re told Firewall features a more realistic pace and strategic element than any of those titles.

    The following video shows gameplay, plus an interview with developers, Adam Orth and Hess Barber.

  • Gungrave VR

    Now confirmed for a Western release, Gungrave VR from Iggymob brings the franchise back to life after 13 years. The developers have introduced new systems such as ‘cooling’ and ‘bullet time’ to ‘full-break gun action’, all trying to, ‘Make your brain work for the strategic battle!’.

    Here’s the trailer from this year’s Tokyo Game Show:

  • The Persistence

    First announced at this year’s E3, this procedurally generated horror from Firesprite is a PS VR exclusive, now scheduled for release in July next year.

    Here’s the trailer from E3:

  • Golem

    Another announcement at the show, PS VR exclusive, Golem, is the first title from Highwire Games, an independent developer founded by industry veterans in Seattle.

    The game is built from the ground up for PlayStation VR and features original music from award-winning composer of Halo and Destiny, Marty O’Donnell, and innovative VR controls developed by Jaime Griesemer, the Game Designer on Halo, Destiny and Infamous Second Son.

    Golem is expected to release in March 2018.

    Here’s a developer interview and some gameplay footage:

  • The Last Guardian VR

    Gamers waited seven long years to play The Last Guardian since its announcement in 2009 by auteur developer, Fumito Ueda and his Team Ico. Not quite a year from its release and we’re looking at a standalone The Last Guardian VR experience.

    This experience is set in the world of The Last Guardian, with haunting ruins on a large scale where users play from the perspective of the boy as he interacts with everyone’s favourite cat-bird-thing, Trico.

    As it’s a demo, we’re told this is a short experience and there are no plans to produce a larger version of this project.

    The Last Guardian VR Demo will be available to download free from the PS Store tomorrow, with no need to buy or own the full game.

  • Full Opening Presentation Video

    We had been led to believe that Sony held little back from October’s event at Paris Games Week, but boy were we surprised!

    You can read our full PGW report, where we were treated to a dozen forthcoming PS VR titles including Apex Construct - read our interview with Fast Travel Games’ Erik Odeldahl and Andreas Juliusson here - Starchild, and Blood and Truth

    The next time anyone complains there aren’t enough PS VR games, or suggests that Sony’s going to drop the tech and move on to the next fad, do them a favour and link them to our articles from PSX and PGW. They’ll thank you for it. Or maybe they won't - but we will...


    You can watch the whole opening presentation from The PlayStation Experience below:

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