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XR Web Roundup: 21st November

XR Web Roundup: 21st November

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1) Apple Supplier Quanta Sees Augmented-reality Headset Out By 2019

MacBook maker sees great opportunities in augmented reality wearables

2) The Inevitability Of Augmented Reality HMDs

Forbes on AR smartglasses to replace the ubiquitous smartphone.


3) New WebVR Experiences Entertain, Educate, And Let You Explore

Oculus blogs about ReactVR, WebVR and integrating VR into Facebook feeds.


4) In ‘Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire,’ Virtual Reality Finds A New Hope

Techcrunch on ILMxLAB’s success in bringing a much loved franchise into VR and LBE.


5) Finnish VR/AR 2017 Survey

All 104 pages of the Finnish VR Association’s Industry Report.

6) New Yale Lab Will Use Virtual Reality Games To Reduce Risks In Teens

Lab to develop and test VR games for health education and behavioral intervention in youth and young adults.

7) Apple Park Visitor Center Opens to Public with AR Tour of Entire Campus

Next Reality looks into Apple’s $427 million main building that is often referred to as ‘the spaceship’.


8) Virtual Reality Could Be the New Classroom Essential – Statistics Affirm

Dr Sana Farid on five ways Virtual Reality is doing well in the K-12 segment.

9) Smellable VR Is Coming Whether You Want It Or Not

Engadget’s brief history of smell-o-vision asks why should VR restrict itself to just two senses.

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