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XR Web Roundup: 14th November

XR Web Roundup: 14th November

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1) Augmented Reality: Like It Or Not, Only Apple's Ready For The Data-vomit Gush

The Register says it's all about AR... and iPhone has the X factor.

2) Virtual Reality Will Have Its Biggest Holiday Season Ever

Jay Samit, Vice Chairman of Deloitte’s Digital Reality practice, states the bleeding obvious, then explains how VR features in the festive season.

3) What’s Wrong With Virtual Reality In 2017?

Be There asks the question, then answers it by saying, ‘Nothing’!

4) A Word Of Warning On VR

Professor Mark Mon-Williams explains why VR headsets have different minimum age ratings, and what developers can do to avoid potential negative effects.

5) Building A Metaverse: Is Sansar A Smart Move Or A Risky Gamble For Linden Lab?

Linden Labs move from Linden World to Second Life and on to Sansar.


6) Augmented Reality: The Latest In Real Estate Technology

The New York Times takes a look at AR’s emerging role in property.

7) Virtual Reality Walkthroughs Are Transforming Architecture

Venturebeat on the rising phenomenon of virtual property inspections.

8) The 10 Best AR Apps For Classrooms Using Apple’s New ARKit

EdSurge lists the first AR apps that mean the school curriculum may never look the same again.

9) The VR That Allows You To Become Your Own Therapist

The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme on developers using Virtual Reality to ease the stress on mental health services.

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