First look at Facebook/Ray Ban AR glasses incoming?

First look at Facebook/Ray Ban AR glasses incoming?

Who wants to know what Facebook and Ray Ban are cooking up for their forthcoming augmented reality smartglasses? We'd been hoping for a reveal at the forthcoming Facebook Connect event on October 28th, but as we sit here in the UK sipping on a late-night JD and Coke writing a review for later this week, Ray Ban has done sneak out an update under the radar. 

It's all very cryptic, with a highly stylised Hitchkockian graphic showing the Ray Ban and Facebook logos with the legend '09.09' and '2021'. Looks like we all need to tune in tomorrow for more information about the Ray Ban Facebook crossover...

Just earlier today, we shared a Twitter post from Facebook Reality Labs VP Andrew 'Boz' Bosworth where we pondered, 'Is this the first footage from FB's AR glasses? Sure looks head-mounted - and you can see both Boz's hands at 0:19, so…' We didn't post the Tweet as a story because it was so speculative, but the original video has now been removed, suggesting that Boz may have jumped the gun ahead of tomorrow's reveal.

Of course this is all speculation, but we'll be disappointed if tomorrow's reveal amounts to nothing more than a branded pair of shades...

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