First preview of Meta's Project Cambria next gen VR/MR headset

First preview of Meta's Project Cambria next gen VR/MR headset

Mark Zuckerberg today shared the first preview of mixed reality on Project Cambria, the upcoming high-end VR headset that’s launching later this year. It will feature rich colour passthrough for enhanced mixed reality experiences.

The Meta CEO also shared that Presence Platform – a set of machine learning and AI capabilities that help developers build mixed reality experiences, plus natural hand and voice interactions – will soon be fully available to developers.

Zuckerberg was shown enjoying the headset playing a demo game, The World Beyond, built with all of Presence Platform’s capabilities so people can experience mixed reality for themselves on Quest 2 through AppLab. This will be open source so developers can use it as a sample app to help them build their own experiences.

Never one to let a hype soundbite pass him by, El Zuck also said, "This is just the beginning for mixed reality," before citing a couple more use cases, from "Your perfect workstation with as many screens as you want, anywhere you go" to "Working out with a virtual instructor who gets beamed into the room with you".

Although the final form factor of the headset itself was pixellated in the video, we have to wonder if the release date was hidden in plain sight when showcasing the full colour passthrough in a work environment. (See last pic.)

You can see the video preview here.

Multiple screens over a full colour passthrough of the real world

Workout with a virtual instructor in your own room

Was the release date hidden in plain sight with passthrough?

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