Fable Studio Comes Out Of Stealth At Sundance

Fable Studio Comes Out Of Stealth At Sundance

Former members of Oculus Story Studio have now launched Fable Studios, to continue their work producing VR and AR interactive experiences.

Revealed at the Sundance film festival, Fable has continued work started before Story Studio closed on an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Wolves In The Walls, debuting at the festival this week.

The Lucy Project

Building on lessons learned in developing Wolves In The Walls, Fable has revealed The Lucy Project, which they say is the studio's first step towards a character that's interactive and believable.

According to the website, “Lucy can hand you objects and be handed objects, collaborate to move through the story, remember what you’ve done and fall back to it, be believably interrupted and has a hierarchy of emotional attachments to her objects. Lucy and interactive characters is the future of AR/VR storytelling”.


More Than Movies

Co-founder Edward Saatchi said, “Story Studio was built as a VR movie studio. We built Fable as a technology company”. The start-up aims to create characters with style and approachability through creator-driven teams that will, ‘Take necessary risks and explore more than we could in a traditional pipeline’.

Fable certainly has ambitions beyond the likes of Oculus’ Story Studio’s Emmy award-winning Henry. Saatchi added that, “Where we’re going is not VR movies any more; it’s characters who live with us and that we believe in”. In fact, the co-founder is even looking beyond the constraints of VR to cross-platform applications where users can say, watch a movie on TV with Lucy.

Saatchi observed, “The work of storytellers when you have these holographic characters no longer becomes these 90-minute bite-sized chunks of movies, but becomes one character”.

Other projects underway at Fable include Origin, Ten, Magic River Yacht Club, and Derailed.

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