CES: Multiplayer Wireless VR From Displaylink

CES: Multiplayer Wireless VR From Displaylink

DisplayLink is showcasing its latest multi-user wireless VR solution at CES 2018. Multiple players battle against each other in a virtual racket ball match while enjoying full freedom of movement in a cable-free, Mixed Reality arena using the latest DisplayLink XR codec and reference designs. Players are simultaneously displayed for spectators in mixed reality.

John Cummins, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing said, “VR opens so many new opportunities for business, enterprise and gaming. We cut the cord last year and now we’re showcasing VR in an untethered, multiplayer virtual arena

“DisplayLink continues to push the boundaries for immersive solutions and this demonstration highlights the considerable benefits for collaborative work, whether it’s designing a new workspace, engaging clients on a product vision, or exploring virtual worlds with a friend. Multi-user VR (MUVR) using DisplayLink’s XR codec combined with 60GHz wireless connectivity provides the very best immersive VR experience.”

"We're very excited about DisplayLink's wireless solution, not just for Racket: Nx, but for VR in general. The freedom to move, spin and act without any concern for cables is physically and psychologically liberating - Racket: Nx has been waiting for this technology for a long time! VR is about to get that much more immersive, uninhibited, and accident free."

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