HTC Launches Vive Arts, A Multi-Million Dollar Global VR Program

 HTC Launches Vive Arts, A Multi-Million Dollar Global VR Program

HTC has announced Vive Arts, a new multi-million dollar global VR program aiming to change the way the world creates and engages with the arts. Vive believes in VR's potential to share and engage with the world's most valuable treasures in a new and exciting way, and the company's latest investment will support the content, creators and institutions that embrace this new medium.

Vive has been supporting and investing in the arts and culture space since its launch, through partnerships with London's Royal Academy of Arts, Taipei's National Palace Museum, Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle in Paris, Washington D.C.'s Newseum, and St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum among others.

Joel Breton, Vice President at VIVE Studios said, "With the launch of Vive Arts, we are driving Virtual Reality's influence in art and providing access to our world's cultural heritage. We are empowering artists to create, and consumers to experience and interpret, art and culture in new ways".


Modigliani At Tate Modern

Vive Arts' next project will be in London for Tate Modern's major upcoming exhibition, Modigliani, opening on 23rd November, where Vive will bring an integrated VR experience to gallery-goers. A first for both Vive and Tate, it will bring visitors to the exhibition closer into the artist's world while also being available as an experience at home through Viveport

Breton said. "We are thrilled for the next Vive Arts' project with Tate Modern, and support their mission to increase the public's enjoyment and understanding of international modern and contemporary art."

Frances Morris, Director at Tate Modern said, 'We are thrilled to be working with HTC VIVE to bring a new and exciting digital experience to our visitors. We are always looking to push creative boundaries and we think this will be a fantastic opportunity to give the public a different and in-depth understanding of this much-loved artist through new technology."


The Not-At-All Dirty Dozen

More than a dozen pieces of Vive Arts content will be available on Viveport starting today, including a collection of artefacts from Taipei's National Palace Museum; an experience of communist East Berlin from Washington D.C.'s Newseum; the origins of life with Paris' Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle; and a look at the artistic process thanks to London's Royal Academy of Arts.


If you’re a content creator or museum creator and want to find out more about the programme, visit

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