HTC Vive Partners With Tate Modern

HTC Vive Partners With Tate Modern

Vive is partnering with Tate on the upcoming Modigliani exhibition; the first of its kind at Tate Modern. The exhibition will feature an integrated VR experience on Vive, taking visitors deep into the artist’s world.

Recreating elements of early 20th century Paris, the experience will draw on archival material and new research to bring his historical context to life. Using Vive’s immersive VR technology, visitors can delve into the surroundings that shaped his art, revealing a fresh perspective into Modigliani’s life and influences.


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Paul Brown, GM for HTC Vive, Europe said: “Modigliani was a pioneering force in art innovation, pushing boundaries and new possibilities which inspired his peers and contemporaries. At Vive, we see something similar with VR, and we want to revolutionise the way people create and experience art."

Frances Morris, Director, Tate Modern said: ‘We are thrilled to be working with Vive to bring a new and exciting digital experience to our visitors. We are always looking to push creative boundaries and we think this will be a fantastic opportunity to give the public a different and in-depth understanding of this much-loved artist through new technology.’


Tate Modern's Modigliani exhibition opens in London from 23rd November 2017 until 2nd April 2018,

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