Microsoft Announces Half Price VR Headsets!

Microsoft Announces Half Price VR Headsets!

At today's Windows 10 event in New York, Megan Saunders announced that, “Powerful and affordable Virtual Reality is coming to everyone.” She went on to explain, “We’re bringing a whole new set of affordable VR accessories to your Windows 10 PC. Now everyone can create, view and interact with 3D objects in Mixed Reality, from Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality and everything in-between.”

Taj Reid demoed the VR hardware with a VR space of what looked like the lounge space from a Mediterranean villa. On one wall, a football match with his favourite team played out on a big screen, while his favourite apps nestled on a shelf on the opposite wall. Saunders explained that, “Because this is Windows, wherever you choose to go, you’ll always have the apps you know and love with you.”


New Memories

Saunders also commented that VR will allow users not only to revisit memories such as a sandcastle, but also create new memories. To demonstrate this, Reid visited Rome’s Pantheon. Saunders expanded that while 360 videos are already widely available on the web, “Holotour takes that idea even further and allows you to explore and interact with new places. It was made for Hololens, but here it is in VR.”

As she puts it, “Content is no longer confined to a digital or physical form. It has evolved. Our digital world starts a new, more human journey.”


You can see our full report here or watch the livestream here.

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