CES: Wireless Vive Stateside By Summer

CES: Wireless Vive Stateside By Summer

Vive showcased TPCast's wireless add-on for Vive  at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with a view to international release in the second quarter of 2017 at a price point of $249.

The system was incubated through the Vive X accelerator program. It includes a one and a half hour battery, and latency as low as 2ms. A five-hour XL battery will be available at a later date.

“Our approach to wireless and VR is the same approach that we’ve taken with the Vive – wireless will be open-standard and we look forward to supporting any company that can demonstrate a low-latency solution to wireless VR,” said Daniel O’Brien, GM, US and EMEA, Vive. “We are confident that wireless VR will be a significant contributor to the Vive ecosystem in 2017." 

The hardware has only been available in limited numbers to Chinese customers to date, with stocks selling out in minutes. "We're very happy to work closely with VIVE to create a tether-less upgrade kit for the Vive as part of the Vive X program. Wireless VR enabled by TPCast technology will provide a new level of freedom and open up even more immersive experiences to Vive users world wide," said Michael Liu, CEO at TPCast.

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