Oculus Plans Better Developer Support

Oculus Plans Better Developer Support

Oculus is making efforts to act on developer feedback after recently adding a Give Feedback button to the Oculus Dashboard. Having analysed the feedback, the company split it into four main themes:

1. Give developers more information
2. Provide better support
3. Improve the store submission process
4. Update the documentation

In doing this, Oculus has laid out plans to remedy the problems that make up each developer feedback theme.


Lightning Reactions

To give developers more information, Oculus has added a new lightning bolt style button to the dashboard, which gives instant access to important notifications about the user’s developer account. These notifications will include information about organisation membership changes, Oculus Store submission status changes, Oculus Keyes approval, and other, “Pertinent information for a successful Oculus experience.” On top of that, Oculus promised that, “You’ll see a lot more content posted to our blog and forums where we’ll share timely improvements, Oculus-produced guides and best practices, and insights from fellow developers.”

‘Provide better support’ sounds relatively vague and obvious, but Oculus outlined its plan to improve the dialogue with developers in terms of giving technical support. Firstly, a new Support page has been set up in the Development Center, which will contain answers to FAQs and multiple guides concerning different areas of content development for Oculus. Secondly, a series of developer surveys has been started to get more specific feedback on improving the developer experience, which will serve as a baseline in monitoring satisfaction as new changes are implemented.


Streamlined Reviews

The store submission process has been made clearer with the launch of a new How We Review Your App section in the Development Centre. Also, review times have been reduced and all apps under the review process will receive a detailed report of how they perform against Oculus’ minimum technical requirements to be considered for publication on Oculus Store. The intention is to give developers a clearer understanding of what’s needed and where their app stands during the technical review process, allowing them to make changes as necessary.

Plans to update documentation have not yet been revealed, but Oculus asked developers to, “Keep the feedback coming and stay tuned for documentation updates very soon.”

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