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Week That Was, 16th December

Week That Was, 16th December

Welcome to the Week That Was on TheVirtualReport.Biz, where we bring you the highlights, biggest news and hottest topics from the world of VR, AR and MR business in the last seven days.


As Oculus announces a corporate reshuffle to focus on mobile and PC VR, Magic Leap defends its progress to an incredulous tech media. Unity and Oculus released tools to make it easier than ever to create VR content, while some of the biggest players in the sector formed a VR association. And of course, our Countdown To Christmas: 25 VR Developers To Watch continues, with a new top dev every day.


Top Stories

Xbox VR Strategy: What’s Going On?

Head of Xbox says next year’s machine was designed as, ‘a VR-capable console’, but describes today’s VR content as, ‘demos and experiments’. We look at the roadmap for VR and MR on Xbox.

Oculus Restructures, Iribe Steps Down As CEO

Corporate restructure creates new PC VR and Mobile VR divisions.

Magic Leap Responds To Negative Press

Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz answers recent reports with positivity and assurance.



Omni VR Treadmill International Pre-Orders Cancelled

Virtuix has cancelled international pre-orders for the Virtuix Omni VR treadmill, with full refunds.

Any Web Developer Can Create VR Content

Oculus pre-releases React VR, offering a familiar experience to web professionals.

Crytek Faces Legal Action

Allegations against Crytek for failing to pay employees continue as FX Artist launches fundraiser to cover legal costs.

Oculus Plans Better Developer Support

Operation: Developer Feedback outlines Oculus’ plan to act on developer feedback in the new year.

Unity Launching In-VR Game Editor Today

The first experimental build for Unity’s EditorVR means you can edit without removing your headset.

Netflix And HBO On Daydream

Google makes good on promise of more Daydream apps after launch, as long-anticipated Netflix VR, HBO GO VR and other apps released through Google Play.

Major Companies Form VR Association

HTC Vive, Oculus, Samsung, Sony, Google and Acer Starbreeze have created the Global Virtual Reality Association to promote growth in the VR industry.

VR Facility Opens In Paris, France

Mk2 has opened the biggest dedicated VR facility in Europe.


Special Feature

Countdown To Christmas: 25 VR Developers To Watch

In the finest Christmas tradition, join us every day as we share our advent calendar of the 25 VR developers to watch...


Data & Research 

50 Per Cent Who Try VR, Want VR

New research shows that half of the consumers that experience VR for themselves enjoyed it and plan to buy the hardware.



Focal Point: Will VR Trigger Human Evolution?

Our industry panel of VR experts considers the potential impact of VR on the future of the human race.



$7 Million Raised For Warehouse-Scale VR

Tech Company Zero Latency has raised $7 million to bring its warehouse-scale VR local-mulitplayer tech to the rest of the world.

VR Sports Training Company Lands $5 Million Investment

STRIVR Labs announced a $5 million investment led by Signia Venture Partners.

Survios Closes $50 Million Funding Round

More big things from Survios, as they close a $50 million funding round led by showbiz industry giant, MGM.


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