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New Research Tips Non-Gaming And AR To Win

New Research Tips Non-Gaming And AR To Win

SuperData Research has just released new research forecasting the VR market to 2020, including PS VR and Google Daydream.

Their data shows that PS VR looks set to dominate the market in 2016, with five times as many units sold (2.6M) as its home-based competitors, the HTC Vive (.42M) and Oculus Rift (.36M). PS VR’s nearest competitor is the much cheaper Samsung Gear VR, still more than 300,000 units behind at 2.3M.

PS VR will be the biggest selling VR platform this year.

Long-term Opportunity Beyond Gaming

While non-gaming VR barely even registers in 2016, this forecast predicts it will overtake games’ market share to become more than three times the size in the next four years, worth $31B against $9B worldwide.

Non-gaming VR will be three times bigger than games in 2020.

VR/AR/MR Games Revenue Forecast

SuperData predicts that the combined worldwide market for VR/AR/MR games will grow from $1.2B in 2016 to $8.8B in 2020. VR will remain the largest sector in this timeframe, but AR will go from nothing to overtake MR for second place in 2020. 

VR stays on top for 2020, but AR is catching up fast.

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