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Week That Was

Week That Was

Welcome to the Week That Was on TheVirtualReport.Biz, where we bring you the highlights, biggest news and hottest topics from the world of VR, AR and MR business in the last seven days.


What a massive week-and-a-bit it’s been in the world of VR! No sooner had we finished the second Slush PLAY VR conference in Reykjavik, Iceland than Google slapped us across the face with their Pixel phone and Daydream VR reveal. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, Oculus treated us to how the second phase of VR will look from their Conn3ct event in California.


Top Stories

Oculus Conn3ct Keynote 

Mark Zuckerburg CEO & Founder, Facebook, takes to the stage promising, ‘The next generation of VR’.

You can read more about Oculus Conn3ct with these stories:

Google Daydream Announcement – Where VR Hardware Meets Software And... Clothing?! 

Search engine giants unveil the Pixel phone by Google – a handset that’s made for mobile virtual reality in the Daydream ecosystem.



Every PS VR Launch Title Listed 

We list every game that consumers will be able to play on PS VR launch day.

PS VR Demo Discs Differ By Region 

Sony offers little explanation for the fewer games on European demo discs compared with the US.

Oculus Founder Apologises For Funding Disruptive Posting Group 

Palmer Luckey says ‘Sorry not sorry’ for spending his money publishing politically charged memes.


Data And Research

Consumer VR Spend to Hit $3.3 Billion by 2020 

Market growth driven by the smartphone sector and PS VR, according to a new report.


Events News 

Introducing VR Connects London 2017: A brand new VR/AR/MR industry conference

January 16th-17th event comes from the team that brought you PG Connects…

Taking The VR Industry’s Temperature In Iceland

Sophomore Slush PLAY event beats the curse of the ‘difficult second album’ to establish Iceland’s place in global VR.


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