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Week That Was: 10th February

Week That Was: 10th February

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Much though we’d like to pretend otherwise, the VR industry doesn’t exist in a vacuum and there’s no getting away from global politics. Trump hasn’t been in the oval office long and his style of government is already affecting the international market for immersive tech.

We’ve seen Unity take a stand - as are some of the biggest non-VR games companies - but it’s not all bad news for the rest of the world as America puts itself first; Asian investors are now looking to Europe and the UK as preferred territories.


Top Stories

Unity Acts Against Trump’s Immigration Ban

Unity has offered to pay for 50 developers to attend Unite Amsterdam if they are impacted by US President Donald Trump's immigration ban.

Facebook Developer Conference Registration Opens

Register online to join 4,000 developers at this year’s F8 event.

Video: Superstar Sessions From VR Connects London 2017

From the What, Where and Why of VR to its potential to drive social change and finding that killer app, this series of videos features global thought leaders from Greenpeace, the BBC, Resolution Games and AMD.



European Tech A Magnet For Asian Investment

Eastern investors think twice about US commitments, European market could double by 2018 as a result.

European VR Congress Calls For Speakers

Show organisers extend invitation for anyone interested in speaking at the May event.

Free VR Training Day, Gateshead

VRTGO Labs is running a VR and training event on the 16th February.

VR May Take Up To 10 Years To Make An Impact

Juergen Goeldner of the Fidius Trust identifies ongoing challenges for VR.

3D Blu-ray Support For PS VR

Sony software update beta enables PS VR to display 3D Blu-ray.

Virtual Reality Will Reach $37.7b By 2020

Stephanie Llamas of SuperData predicts growth to 220 million users in next three years.


Data & Research

AR Key To £1bn UK Economic Boost

A recent report finds that AR technology could help British consumers to bridge the ‘imagination gap’.



SubVRsive Receives $4m Investment

Texan company pledges to accelerate growth in its third year.

Neurable Lands $2 Million To Create Brain-Controlled Software For AR And VR

Boston-based start-up Neurable nets $2 million in a seed funding round to accelerate developments in brain-controlled AR/VR software.



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