XR Web Roundup

VR Web Roundup: 2nd May

VR Web Roundup: 2nd May

Nine VR stories from around the web that caught our eyes here at in the last few days:


1) These are the companies investing most aggressively in AR and VR 

Facebook, HTC and Intel leading the charge, according to Recode.

2) Tencent Aiming To Join VR Headset Market 

Chinese mobile Goliath could be adding a VR headset to its new MiniStation.

3) Ex-HTC executive launches startup to promote VR solutions 

Former HTC North Asia president, Jack Tong, announces JPW International Technology.

4) How Facebook’s Hardware Lab Helped Build The VR Industry’s Most Advanced Camera 

Fast Company takes a look behind the scenes at Facebook’s new VR cameras.

5) Sony's PlayStation VR Boosts Virtual Reality Shipments in Japan 

Sony leads Q4 2016 VR headset shipment share in Japan.

6) The VR and AR Markets Are Thriving 

A positive take on the VR market.

7) Finger devices let users ‘touch’ virtual objects

Science finds user input faster with haptic devices.

8) Spatial Sound Will Be a Critical Component of Mixed Reality 

The Next Web talks to Wyclef Jean and more.

9) How Adobe Wants to Turn Flat 360-Degree Videos Into True Virtual Reality 

Adobe’s advanced research, according to Variety.

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