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XR Web Roundup: 7th November

XR Web Roundup: 7th November

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1) Marketers Say Snapchat Is Blowing Past Facebook, Google And Others When It Comes To Augmented Reality Ads

Business Insider UK puts Snapchat at the head of the class.

2) What’s Holding Back VR?

Intel Capital’s Investment Director, Sanjit Dang, looks at the reasons for VR’s slow start.

3) Bringing Virtual Reality To The Lab

Novartis researchers want to use the technology to help them design new drugs.


4) We’ve Not Thought Through The Legal And Ethical Disruption Of Augmented Reality

Let’s not repeat the mistakes we made with social media says futurist and consultant, Matt Ranen.

5) Why Every Organisation Needs An Augmented Reality Strategy

Harvard Business Review explains AR and examines its use cases in diverse industries.


6) Here Are Some Of The Legal Implications Of Virtual Reality In Esports

Litigation Attorney, Brianna Ricque Howard, examines the risks of eSports in VR.

7) What Virtual Reality Can Teach a Driverless Car

The New York Times joins the dots between machine learning for XR and autonomous vehicles. 

8) Why Augmented Reality Is A Game Changer For Data Visualisation

Writing for The Telegraph newspaper, analytical engineer Steluta Iordache explains how XR is changing the environment of data analysis.

9) Virtual Reality Could Be The Answer To Treating Phantom Pain

Immersive media has huge potential in medicine.

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