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XR Web Roundup: 25th July

XR Web Roundup: 25th July

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1) It Sounds Like Augmented Reality Will Be The Signature Feature Of The iPhone 8 

Business Insider predicts a $1,000 price point for next iPhone.

2) Google Glass 2.0 Is A Startling Second Act 

Wired takes a look at Google Glass for enterprise and finds a better fit than the failed consumer launch.

3) AR’s Future Is More Than Just Games, It Will Change The Way We Make Decisions 

The Next Web looks at use cases for AR beyond gaming.

4) Spielberg Warns VR Will Rule The Future At Comic-Con 

Sky News reports Ready Player One director says humanity is, "Moving into a dangerous medium with virtual reality".

5) The Smartphone Is Eventually Going To Die, And Apple, Google, Microsoft, And Facebook Are Racing To Kill It 

The very earliest stages of a battle for the next phase of computing.

6) Google Tests VR As A Replacement For Dull Training Videos 

What, no more Alan Partridge-style induction videos?

7) HoloLens Assists in Live Surgery 

Neuroradiologist performs an automated percutaneous lumbar discectomy (APLD) using Microsoft HoloLens.

8) Game of Thrones in Augmented Reality 

A fan-made experience from New York University - Tandon School of Engineering.

9) Ever Wanted To Play Mario Kart For (Augmented) Real? 

Now you can, thanks to Hado Kart (video).

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