Speaker Profile: Robert Merki, cognitiveVR

Speaker Profile: Robert Merki, cognitiveVR

Robert Merki, Director of Product at cognitiveVR, is one of 50 world-class speakers appearing at VR Connects San Francisco 2017 on the 27th and 28th June. To hear Merki speak in person, book your ticket now! 


Q: What do you do?

A: As Director of Product, I lead development of our product and manage the engineering team, as well as provide customer service and support.


Q: What makes you most excited for VR, AR and MR?

A: The user experience and interaction design challenges that present themselves in immersive technologies are the most interesting aspects for me. The most challenging aspect is the inverse relationship between natural interaction and design difficulty, which also presents the biggest opportunity for companies to innovate.


Q: What are your thoughts on the way the industry has grown in the last 12 months?

A: The industry has at last found a concrete foundation for enterprise use cases. In our business, we have seen large fortune 500 companies start to push their R&D efforts heavily towards VR/AR/MR.


Q: What major trends do you predict for VR, AR and MR in the next 12 months?

A: AR will start becoming more consumer friendly with the (rumoured) release of some sort of Apple AR device. If those rumours are true, Apple will most likely add more 3D development tools onto their ecosystem. Think XCODE but for immersive 3d content!


Q: Which part of VR Connects/PGC San Francisco are you most looking forward to and why?

A: The incredible depth of the speaker lineup is extremely exciting. Looking forward to hearing what the top of the VR/AR industry has to say about the next few quarters.


Don’t miss your chance to hear Merki talk about how people are using VR analytics technology to understand their users' behavior in VR and AR at VR Connects San Francisco. His session is at 11:05 on the 28th June 2017. Book your ticket now!


About The Speaker

Robert Merki is Director of Product at cognitiveVR - an analytics platform for virtual and augmented reality. Robert leads product development, marketing, and customer success at the Vancouver based VR startup. Before cognitiveVR, Robert led product at Awake Labs – a hardware company focusing on biometric sensing wearables. He has also held positions the mobile and web development industries.


About VR Connects San Francisco 2017

More than 500 delegates from the VR, AR and MR industry will gather at San Francisco venue Bespoke on the 27th and 28th June 2017 for the first ever VR Connects San Francisco. Over the two days of the event, there will be 50 expert speakers addressing the key issues for the VR, AR and MR industry, from global trends and new tech to monetisation. Tickets are selling fast, so don’t miss out – get yours now!

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