Apple AR/VR headset rumoured to launch this year

Apple AR/VR headset rumoured to launch this year

An Apple VR headset has been in the works for years now. According to Ming-Chi Juo, an independent Apple analyst, the company even plans to launch the AR/VR headset later this year. However, predictions suggest Apple will limit the number of headsets available at launch.

Larger shipments of the Apple AR/VR headset will be available in the first quarter of 2023. As often happens when new tech is scarce, customers will likely have difficulty acquiring a headset upon launch. Likewise, purchasing an Apple AR/VR headset in time for the 2022 holiday season may not be an easy feat.

The headset utilises “3P pancake lenses”, according to MacRumors, which allow for the reflection of light between the display and lenses. This will enable Apple to create a slenderer VR headset than those already on the market.

Apple’s new AR/VR headset will focus on entertainment, gaming, and FaceTime features. Rumors suggest Apple is even creating shows specifically for virtual reality. Little other information about the headset is currently available. However, this hasn’t stopped consumers from speculating. Currently, Apple users are debating whether the headset will work in tandem with the iPhone or whether the delays in production are due to Apple wanting the product’s hardware to support itself.

Recently revealed patents point to the use of an iPhone as a controller, with a standalone app store for the headset.

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