GDC: Bait! Goes AR

GDC: Bait! Goes AR

Stockholm-based AR and VR games studio Resolution Games is gearing up to bring their Bait! franchise to Android and iOS later this year with its first AR title, Bait! Under the Surface.

The new AR game will recreate the experience of casting your rod and reeling in a big catch, giving players the ability to create a fishing hole right in their living room floor. Bait! Under the Surface will also include series regulars such as collecting and character development. Attendees at this year's GDC will be able to try the AR game.

The title will be the third entry in Resolution Games’ Bait! fishing franchise, which has reeled in more than 2 million downloads to date. The original Bait was released on Gear VR in 2016 and Daydream in 2017.



Resolution Games was also selected by Facebook to be the first developer partner to create content for Spaces, their social VR app. The partnership resulted in the casting-and-chatting social experience Bait! Arctic Open, which launched in November 2017.

“We’re so grateful to have been able to get an early start in VR, and to have become key players in helping to shape the standards for content being created in the space,” said Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm.

“In terms of technology, AR and VR are rooted in many of the same principles. Given our experience in mobile VR, it’s only natural to transition these learnings to AR. These are still the early days of AR gaming, and just as we’ve done in VR we’re eager to play our part in helping to shape its journey.”

You can read a recent interview with Palm here.


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