EVE: Valkyrie Adds Oculus Touch Support

EVE: Valkyrie Adds Oculus Touch Support

CCP Games has added Oculus Touch support to its first-person space combat game, EVE: Valkyrie. One of the first high profile VR titles, fans have been asking for Touch controls and the Icelandic developer has delivered – albeit slightly reluctantly, it appears.

A news update on their site acknowledges that new users who picked up the Rift and Touch bundle as part of the Summer of Rift sale may not have the conventional controller the game was designed for.

CCP said that, ‘Motion controls simply don't give you the precision you need in Valkyrie. It's not at all easy to turn your Wraith on a sixpence and line up a devastating salvo when you're trying to fly it while waving your hands in the air; it actually feels less, not more responsive.’

With that caveat, CCP has added beta support for Touch as a work in progress that does not include motion controls. Basically, the update enables players to use Touch’s controls and buttons as a standard controller.

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