Markerless AR Software Tracking Now A Thing

Markerless AR Software Tracking Now A Thing

Scope AR has announced significant updates to its live support video-calling platform, Remote AR, at Augmented World Expo (AWE).

Using Wikitude’s latest AR image recognition and tracking technology, the next generation of Remote AR becomes the first remote assistance application to make markerless tracking possible from the software side versus from built-in hardware in specific devices. On supported devices, users will be able to get the expert support and instructional information they need by simply pointing their device’s camera at a piece of equipment to have annotations stick in place without requiring the use of a 2D image (marker).

“Markerless tracking is one of the major hurdles AR has been facing before becoming more accessible for enterprise and industrial use. We’re excited to collaborate with the leading innovator for markerless tracking, Wikitude, to bring this to life for our users,” said Scott Montgomerie, CEO and co-founder of Scope AR. “With Remote AR’s latest updates, users can have the benefits of markerless tracking on standard devices, making it even easier to implement AR for their specific uses.”


Shall We Dance?

With support for Google Tango also announced, users can now take advantage of the platform’s inherent real-world mapping and ability to have AR annotations ‘stick’ to where they are placed for instances when moving around a workspace or the need to come back to previous notations in a session are required.


You can see Remote AR in action today and tomorrow at AWE 2017.

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