THX Launches Smartglass Certification

THX Launches Smartglass Certification

THX has long been at the cutting edge of audio-visual excellence in entertainment and the Californian company shows no sign of getting left behind with the advent of AR.

Announced yesterday, THX is launching its new THX Virtual Cinema Display Certification program, which aims to ensure a world-class viewing experience for Augmented and Virtual Reality wearable devices. The first headset to qualify will be ODG’s R-9 Smartglasses and the certification will ensure that future devices are calibrated to the same colour and resolution standards that are used in professional Hollywood studios.

THX says they are, ‘Giving consumers access to visual content from the ‘best seat in the house’, no matter where they are.’ The certification process aims to achieve this by testing for colour accuracy, video processing, grayscale quality and visual geometry to ensure the perfect viewing experience. THX certification also guarantees smooth video playback without stuttering or motion artifacts, which might disrupt the truthful expression of the artist’s original vision.


AR Is The Future

“Augmented Reality is the future of audio and visual advancement,” explained Bill Rusitzky, CRO of THX Ltd. “We are dedicated to establishing high standards in next-generation technologies, as we have achieved with existing technologies over the past 30 years. We are excited to continue this commitment to consumers and to deliver premium AV experiences in a very new way.”


You can get a look at the first THX Virtual Cinema Display Certified smartglasses for yourself at Augmented World Expo 2017 from today.

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