Pub Too Small For Pool? Play It In VR!

Pub Too Small For Pool? Play It In VR!

The George is a pub in Soho, London. It’s been there since 1727. One of the things about The George, is that it's really small. Which the staff at the George admitted themselves in response to a Tweet from a customer suggesting that the pub should get a pool table. @nicldk just replied with, "Unfortunately, we're too small for a pool table!"

But of course that isn't where the story ends; an eagle-eyed person on the Vive social team spotted the conversation and thought that this new-fangled thingamebob called VR just might help the regulars enjoy their swift halves in style. So they joined in with a suggestion:


A few days later, this happened:

Clive enjoys playing pool without having to bend down too far; saves the bad back don’t you know.

Pool Nation VR also allows its users to play darts and air hockey - and this guy looks like he quite enjoyed the darts.

Hurrah! Bullseye!

Vive has made these fellas’ dreams come true. They’ve even gifted the pub a headset and an HP PC bundle to run it for a while.

Still, nothing like this has happened yet…



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