VR app store WEARVR raises $1.5 million

VR app store WEARVR raises $1.5 million

Atlanta-based investors have splashed out $1.5 million on the expansion and continued development of WEARVR - an independent app store for VR games.

The storefront has been around since July 2014 and offers a library of 900 apps, which so far have racked up 200,000 downloads.

The firm reports significant interest in the store since launch - despite the lack of fully developed VR hardware in the market.

“Despite minimal marketing, we’ve witnessed phenomenal interest in WEARVR since we launched in July,” said co-founder Nic Mitham. 

Far-sighted investment

"This funding will allow us to reach the growing number of people excited by the possibilities of virtual reality, as well as expanding the store’s functionality, as requested by our vocal and passionate community of VR fans.”

While this may only encompass a small userbase for now, the potential of an independent VR app store to capitalise on the high-profile hardware launches coming this year and next is huge.

“It’s important for us, and our users, that WEARVR offers the broadest range of VR software,” added Mitham.

“With new devices being announced on an almost-weekly basis, virtual reality is about more than Oculus Rift: we want fans to know that they can download and access games from WEARVR for whatever device they’re using.”

[Source: VentureBeat]


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