Every PS VR Game From PlayStation Paris Games Week

Every PS VR Game From PlayStation Paris Games Week

Today’s hour-long pre-show to the PlayStation Media Showcase livestream from Paris Games Week was a combination of updates and reveals presented by SIE’s Sid Shuman, accompanied by Rob Pearson and Hollie Bennett from PlayStation Access, as well as Ramone Russell from SIE’s San Diego Studio.


While PS VR was under-represented in the main event, the pre-show gave us plenty of footage of forthcoming titles.


Let's look at every game that was featured...

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  • Megalith

    The first PS VR game shown was fantasy first-person hero shooter, Megalith, featuring destructible environments. The player takes the part of one of the titans that populated Earth before humans, who battled each other to become gods. Megalith will be released next year.

  • Bow To Blood

    This multiplayer co-op/competitive combat game from Tribetoy sees players crew future-fantasy airships as they battle in procedurally generated arenas with a combination of handheld and vessel weapons. Bow To Blood’s premise is that of a fantasy reality TV show where enemies can betray or befriend each other.

  • Ultrawings VR

    Remember the brilliant Pilotwings on SNES? That’s what this open world flying game reminds us of, as players race ring courses above a colourful geometric landscape. Players will use PS Move controllers to fly the craft, as well as shoot guns at balloon targets. Apparently, there’s 30 hours’ gameplay to get all the gold medals.

  • Sprint Vector

    From Survios, the devs behind mega VR hit Raw Data, comes this oddball stylised future rollerblade racing game that uses ‘fluid locomotion’ to enable players to run, jump, climb and fly their way through the cityscape.

  • Moss

    One of the updates from today’s pre-show was Polyarch’s cute puzzle platformer, Moss. Players control the main character, Quill, using analogue sticks, while they can interact with puzzles using the DS4’s motion controls.

  • Starchild

    Playful’s cinematic platformer strands players on an alien planet, but tonight’s trailer debuted a new skill that raised more questions than it answered. The footage suggests an out-of-body experience with the ability to interact with the environment.

  • Resident Evil VII Biohazard: Not A Hero

    The new DLC starring Chris Redfield, Not A Hero, will be released free on 12th December.

  • Dead Hungry

    Appropriately being released on Halloween, Pixel Junk’s Dead Hungry sees players running a burger van and feeding zombies to cure them.

  • Stifled

    Showing slightly more footage of this highly stylised offering from Gattai Games, players got their first real insight into the implications of the echolocation navigation game mechanic as noise could attract enemies.

  • League Of War VR Arena

    This asymmetrical multiplayer blends RTS with Tower Defence, with one player using PS VR and Move controllers playing against an opponent with a DS4 on the TV’s social screen. There is also a single-player campaign. The game will be released on 7th November.

  • Monster of the Deep

    Another look at this standalone game that recaptures the fishing experience from Final Fantasy XV. It will be released on 21st November.

  • Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis

    This third-person action game fills in some character background information from the main game. It’s released on 13th December.

  • PlayStation Paris Games Week Media Showcase

    And so, after an hour of pre-amble, the main course was served up with the Media Showcase. Our first look at VR came with a sizzle reel that added a handful of titles to those we’d already seen in more detail in the pre-show:


  • Blood & Truth

    Exactly one PS VR game had its own slot in the showcase, the spiritual successor to VR World’s London Heist, Blood & Truth. You can read our earlier article on that game here.


  • The Whole Livestream

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