Starbreeze Acquires LBE VR Start-up For $2.3m

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June 19th, 2017 acquisition Starbreeze $2.3m
Starbreeze Acquires LBE VR Start-up For $2.3m

Starbreeze has entered into agreement to acquire fellow Swedish VR firm, Enterspace, for a total of 20,000,000 Swedish Krona, or just under $2.3m (£1.8m). The majority will be payable in Starbreeze B-shares, with £270,000 in cash, plus a loan of a further $2.3m at the time of acquisition.

Started in early 2016, Enterspace aims to bring a completely new type of large-scale, location-based VR entertainment to the public. Their first VR Experience centre is set to open its 9,600 sq ft premises in central Stockholm this autumn, with more locations to follow. These Enterspace centres will include both seated and roaming experiences, using technologies unavailable to the consumer such as lightweight wireless backpack PCs and the StarVR HMD.


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Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson Klint said, “The Enterspace team brings technology and content that is very well suited for entertainment and that also have an educational touch. They have established experience from location based entertainment and provide a concept ready for launch. We see that Enterspace fits our VR ecosystem perfectly and are looking forward to seeing the StarVR Virtual Reality HMD being utilized in their business. We look forward to kick-starting with a centre in Stockholm this fall with more locations to come”.

Staffan Klashed, founder of Enterspace said, “We’re creating virtual experiences that anyone with a curious mind can enjoy. The technology itself is amazing and takes over your physical world. We’re adding stories and themes that inspire, amaze, and at times even educate. Stories that will have an impact on the visitor – whether it’s a thought, a discovery, or a feeling”.


The acquisition is expected to complete by the end of the month.

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