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VR Industry Reports Healthy Development

VR Industry Reports Healthy Development

The VR industry is reporting healthy development, according to a new survey by VR Intelligence. Nearly half (46%) of the 523 respondents surveyed last month reported either strong or very strong growth. Enterprise also reported major benefits, with 85% of companies citing the positive impact VR has had on their business. More than half indicated they would definitely invest more in VR in the future. Just 26% reported growth was weaker than hoped.


Development, Marketing And Gaming

Key areas of focus for 2017 are product development and marketing, with 71% and 46% of companies prioritising these areas respectively. Three-quarters of those surveyed predict gaming will have the most impact in the next three years, with both healthcare and education next up.


Content Creators

The ‘content creators’ who participated in the survey show an even split between working in tethered and mobile VR, with the majority seeing Vive as providing the best quality tethered experience, and Gear VR for mobile.

The biggest barrier to mass consumer adoption of VR is shared fairly evenly between lack of content and the high price of HMDs, as we also saw recently in new data from Greenlight Insights. In today's results, content creators cited lack of content distribution and monetisation options as their biggest challenges.


You can see the full results for yourself here.

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