Six of the best: September 27th

Six of the best: September 27th

Start your week with a Monday morning briefing of the most read articles from the global VR, AR and MR industry on in the last week:

1) Facebook pitches Portal devices as the gateway to the metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg suggests home/office touchscreen is how consumers might first 'jump into' shared experiences

2) VR and AR combined standalone headset hits Kickstarter this month

Lynx R-1 prices start at $499, ships this year

3) H1DD3N in augmented sight - Halsey's AR treasure hunt

Grammy-nominated singer teams up with pop art collective and Verizon

4) Rated! Tetris Effect: Connected

The latest review featuring VR, AR and MR experiences and hardware worthy of your attention

5) Xiaomi Smart Glasses make Facebook Stories look dumb

AR glasses from China revealed; true standalone with lens display

6) Watch Brit rockers Muse play a two-hour set free in VR

'Virtual reality's wholly new experiences grow the future-culture'


Six of the rest

These all-time all-star stories are some of the most popular articles from our archives:

  1. Focal Point: reports of PC VR's death have been grossly exaggerated
  2. State of play: virtual reality in 2021
  3. VR by the numbers - HMD specs comparison
  4. PlayStation VR 2 is Next Gen VR, first specs released
  5. XR headset shipments nearly triple annually in Q1 2021, Quest 2 has sold 4.6m units
  6. Defining Realities: VR, AR And MR explained
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