Microsoft to shut down HoloLens 3 development? Oh no it isn't…

Microsoft to shut down HoloLens 3 development? Oh no it isn't…

Last week, several tech blogs reported the demise of Microsoft's HoloLens 3. Tracing back to the source, it seems that Business Insider first floated the idea on Wednesday Feb 2nd in an article with the somewhat inflammatory title, "Inside Microsoft's mixed reality mess, where confusion, rivalries, and canceled projects have roiled the company's metaverse strategy".

Maybe they were hurting for hits in a slow start to the month, but there seemed to be nothing to substantiate Insider's claims and elevate them beyond wild speculation, so we left the story alone.

But we felt it our duty to help provide balance to the topic, thanks to a subsequent rebuttal on social media from none other than Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow at Microsoft who said, "don't believe what you read on the internet. #HoloLens is doing great and if you search said internet they also said we had cancelled #HoloLens2... which last I checked we shipped with success [)-)".

We can only surmise that the 'journalists' in question were keen to pile on reports from The Wall Street Journal that 'Microsoft Corp.’s augmented-reality team has lost around 100 people in the past year, many of them to Meta Platforms Inc'.

We'll keep an eye on this story/non-story and bring you an update when there's something to actually report…

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