CES: Pre-orders open on new $8,900+ XTAL VR and MR headsets

CES: Pre-orders open on new $8,900+ XTAL VR and MR headsets

Virtual and mixed reality pilot training systems provider Vrgineers has announced the launch of the XTAL 3 VR and XTAL 3 MR headsets.

The newest XTAL has been developed in cooperation with a team of international Air Force pilots. Trainees and cadets can learn the crafts of avionics as they can see their hands and interact with instrument panels, learn proper motor skills and practice standard procedures.

The basis of this technology embodies two front-facing pass-through high-resolution cameras. Vrgineers claims that, 'The responses of pilots wearing the XTAL 3 in the simulated environment are nearly identical to real situations, teaching the decision-making processes required to gain air superiority'.

Offering an extended field of view of 180-degrees horizontal and 90-degrees vertical, the XTAL 3 features two 4K resolution displays, proprietary lenses and a pair of 4K mixed reality cameras supporting inside-out tracking, Optitrack, ART Tracking and Vicon. Lighthouse tracking will be integrated later this year.

The XTAL 3 in VR configuration

Modular by design

Not only is the XTAL 3 a premium virtual reality headset, but it can also be used for mixed reality too. 

CEO and co-founder Marek Polcak explained that, "The central cover of the headset is removable and reconfigurable, making it possible to change the headset from purely virtual to mixed reality, or replace inside-out tracking with Ultraleap hand tracking."

Additional functionality, such as a proprietary eye-tracking system with unique one-dot calibration for IPD (inter-pupillary distance) adjustment and foveated rendering are supported as well. The gathered information can be further processed and visualised in heatmaps for behavioural analyses.

Note the central cover for MR functionality

Available in either configuration, prices are $8,900 for VR and $11,500 for MR, with pre-orders now open. The XTAL 3 will begin shipping to pre-order customers this April.

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