Apple removes Rosie's Reality from Apple Arcade after dev becomes unable to support game

Apple removes Rosie's Reality from Apple Arcade after dev becomes unable to support game

Apple has removed educational AR app Rosie's Reality from Apple Arcade.

As confirmed to, Apple said that the game was shut down as the developer could no longer support the game for future updates, and was subsequently removed from the list.

This is the first game taken down from Apple Arcade since the service launched in September 2019, with now over 200 games available today. Apple further confirmed that it has no plans to remove any other games from the service.

Zurich-based developer RosieReality stated that the company is moving onto other projects and the requirements to keep the game updated were not able to be sustained. The company's website has also seemingly been taken down at this point too.

"Shifted priorities"

"We were simply not able to support the game with further updates due to shifted priorities at the company," RosieReality co-founder and CEO Sélim Benayat told (via email).

In response to whether the RosieReality is still operating, Benayat responded: "The company is still active, but we're focusing our efforts on different topics now that are not 'entertainment' related."

Rosie's Reality is described as a "unique and atmospheric puzzle adventure" designed for friends and families. Gameplay has players guiding a rescue robot called Rosie on a mission to recover a series of misbehaving, malfunctioning and exploding robot assistants.

A trailer for Rosie's Reality can be seen below:


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