BAME in Games celebrates its fifth anniversary with new website and Discord server

BAME in Games celebrates its fifth anniversary with new website and Discord server

BAME in Games (BiG), the United Kingdom’s industry-leading grassroots advocacy group, marked its fifth anniversary in June this year. BiG, which champions diverse talent in the games industry, celebrates this milestone with the unveiling of a new website and Discord server, where the BiG Representation, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (BiG REDI) calendar will soon be integrated.

The BiG network is free to join and open to everyone interested in diversifying the video games industry via BiG LinkedIn and Discord

BiG events manager, Saskia Bünte shared this about the group’s latest initiatives, “Being part of BiG for the last two years has been such a rewarding journey. Whether it’s offline events at studios or online events on Zoom, it’s been an absolute joy to host events on behalf of this lovely community and make new friends and connections along the way. I’m so excited for the next chapter in BiG’s history!”

The five-year mission

Kish Hirani, chair at BiG said, “I still remember well we, ethnic minorities in the industry, gathered around a table, surprised that there wasn’t a similar org to other minority orgs. I somehow ended up volunteering to temporarily take up the chair position and here we are five years on and I'm still the chair! There's still a lot of work to be done in promoting diversity and inclusion in our industry.”

Since its formation, BiG has continued to grow in influence, launching a number of online initiatives on diversity and inclusion. One of the most recent initiatives is the Games Digital Mentorship Programme. Founded in 2020 in partnership with Developing Minds, Electric Square, Studio Gobo, and Prospela, the programme pairs young, diverse, UK-based mentees looking for work within the games and wider entertainment industry, with experienced mentors from leading games studios.

Nina Lomax, Electric Square’s human resources manager and programme sponsor said, “The Electric Square crew and allies have been truly inspired by the talent and passion on show by respective BiG mentees. We’re excited to continue building a more diverse and inclusive industry for generations to come.”

For everyone who cares about diversity

The BiG Discord server was created by BiG Discord manager Shivani Rambaran, to provide a voice for hidden figures in entertainment, the server provides a professional network for aspiring talent within the games industry and serves as a platform for highlighting upcoming social and cultural events.

Shivani explained, “We want the BiG Discord server to be a friendly and inclusive space for everyone who cares about diversity within the games industry. It’s a hub for learning, sharing resources, and building a professional support network as well as seeing what opportunities await them in the industry". spoke directly with BiG chair Kish Hirani, who further clarified that the Discord is not restricted to ethnic minorities. Whatever your background, creed or colour, If you work in the games industry, believe it should be open to all and want to help make that ideal a reality, join the server today.

We'll see you there...

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