Book G-STAR 2020 tickets now for huge discounts to the best games conference in Asia

Book G-STAR 2020 tickets now for huge discounts to the best games conference in Asia

It’s time for the games industry to look to Asia. Due to the global pandemic, we've all learned new ways to do business this year, without being able to meet in person. And have you considered there could be new global markets that could be discovered too? The G-STAR global games exhibitiontakes place in November and is the easiest way to meet games businesses from Korea, China, Southeast Asia and beyond.

Early Bird tickets are available now until 12 October, and the b2b event will be entirely online during 17-21 November when the b2b video meetings will be available. The matchmaking system will be open from the 13 October.

A region of growth

The South Korean games market has seen steady growth over the last decade, particularly in the PC market where it was ranked at number two in the world until 2016. The PC market is still vibrant and retains top four status in the rankings, behind only China, USA and Japan for total number of players.

In 2017 the mobile games market surpassed PC games for total sales in the region for the first time and has held nearly 47% of the total market share ever since (6.6558 trillion KRW in 2018). With nearly every region witnessing spikes in gaming due to the current worldwide pandemic, this figure is sure to be even more substantial for 2020 and beyond with Korea firmly cementing its fourth position on the global games sales charts overall.

Korea’s thriving games industry has no fewer than 900 production and distribution companies and a great many of them will be at G-STAR to discuss business opportunities in Korea along with some of the very biggest names from China, Japan and South Asia. Whether you are a publisher looking to sign new games, or an indie developer looking to publish your games in a new territory, G-STAR is the one B2B exhibition you cannot afford to miss, especially this year in its new digital format!

Matching and meeting

As well as hearing from top speakers in the G-CON conference event, connecting with new business partners is the main reason to log in to G-STAR this year. To make the process of meeting new people and networking as easy as possible, G-STAR will be using a tried and tested matchmaking system plus a brand new Live Biz Matching system for all your video meetings.

Why join one event when you can go to two, and have both halves of the globe covered? We recommend taking advantage of the combo deal

Log-in details for the system will be sent to ticket holders via email as the event approaches and you can then set up your profile in the matchmaking platform, and it will be visible to everybody. You will then be able to request and accept meetings with other attendees and also adjust your schedule once the matchmaking system goes live on 13 October.

With the system going live so early, this gives you plenty of time to create a dazzling profile, to get yourself noticed and also arrange some top quality connections well-ahead of the exhibition, providing excellent value for your business compared with certain other conferences. When it is time for a meeting, these will all happen in the G-STAR Biz Matching system between 17-21 November. This new platform has been designed to operate on any PC, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection.

Ways to meet Asian business partners for less

If you would like more information about G-STAR 2020 Digital, then a new website has been launched with all the information you need to explain more about the exhibition, the region and more importantly the games industry in Korea. This English language partner site details background information on the event as well as making the ticket options clear. Bookmark now for regular updates and insight.

Access to G-STAR 2020 digital is available to you for just $100, but the price of tickets will rise to $200 on 13 October, when the meeting system goes live and attendees can start holding meetings.

Digital conferences are a source of valuable information, investment, publishing deals and more. So why join one event when you can go to two, and have both halves of the globe covered? We recommend taking advantage of this super-discounted double combo deal, and booking tickets for the West’s Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4 (taking place on 9-13 November) at the same time as you book your ticket to the East’s G-STAR. If you book both events at the same time, you can save up to 20% on the ticket price for both events. Act now before the prices rise!

The next Pocket Gamer Connects conference takes place entirely online on 9-13 November, 2020 and features over 250 expert speakers offering their expert advice in talks and panels with over 80 hours of video content. G-STAR features prominently at the event, including appearing as a supporting brand on the November Big Indie Pitch.


Organized by the Korea Association of Game Industry (K-GAMES) and co-organized by G-STAR Organizing Committee and Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency, G-STAR is “the best gateway to the Asia games market”.

Launched in 2005, this annual South Korean computer and video game trade and consumer show is the one-stop, easily-accessible gateway to Eastern markets, and takes place annually in Busan, South Korea. With one of the most active and developed gaming markets behind it, the biggest players in publishing, development and investment gather at G-STAR every year, to do business and set the industry trends. Register at today.

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