Guns of Boom AR Spectator Mode Comes to Android

 Guns of Boom AR Spectator Mode Comes to Android

Android players of Game Insight’s 4v4 team-based shooter, Guns of Boom, can now experience a new AR spectator mode that allows eSports viewers to experience the action from every angle.

Google is showcasing the spectator mode in the new dedicated AR section of the Google Play Store, alongside other projects that have utilized ARCore in their development. The company has also confirmed that it’s among the selected partners for Google’s AR initiative in China, in partnership with Xiaomi and Huawei.

Anatoly Ropotov, CEO at Game Insight said, “We’ve worked closely with Google to bring a truly unique eSports spectator experience to Android devices. Built with ARCore, Guns of Boom’s Spectator Mode gives fans the ability to watch their friends and clanmates do battle from an outside perspective. They’ll get to see the entire experience unfold in front of them at once, focusing on whatever action they choose. It’s like setting up a real-time diorama with plenty of firepower on any surface.”

The game has now reached 35 million players in just ten months with other notable recent updates including deep localisation in both traditional and simplified Chinese to support the game’s recent launch in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the launch of a public beta for the upcoming PRO Play Mode, designed in partnership with leading eSports teams NaVi,, SK Gaming.

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