Crytek Partners PlayFusion, Adds 'Enhanced Reality' To Cryengine

Crytek Partners PlayFusion, Adds 'Enhanced Reality' To Cryengine

Frankfurt-based games and technology developer Crytek has joined up with mobile games developer PlayFusion to bring Enhanced Reality Engine’s features into Cryengine.

PlayFusion’s Enhanced Reality Engine was developed using artificial intelligence and robotics technologies to enable immersive mixed reality experiences that integrate physical and digital worlds.

The Cambridge-based developer has agreed to license Enhanced Reality Engine to Crytek to add to their engines capabilities, with further details of their partnership to be announced in the coming months.


All The Bells And Whistles

PlayFusion recently announced a partnership with Games Workshop to develop a new AR, physical and digital trading card game based on the Warhammer IP and is also set to release a digital edition of the physical Lightseekers trading card game in June 2018.

Crytek co-founder and joint CEO Avni Yerli said: “PlayFusion’s visionary technology brings next-level multiplayer augmented reality capabilities to our already powerful game development platform. Supplementing Cryengine with the industry’s most feature-rich and performant AR technology perfectly rounds out our ability to seamlessly immerse people in compelling virtual experiences with an incredible level of realism.”


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