WMR Gets Movies, YouTube And Photos With New App

WMR Gets Movies, YouTube And Photos With New App

Taiwan’s CyberLink has launched its Power Media Player MR, a new app designed to enable Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality headset users to enjoy both VR and conventional media content through the new devices.

Power Media Player MR supports 360 and 3D 360-videos, as well as 360-photos. It also integrates YouTube search and browse functionality directly into the app, unlocking the web’s leading source of VR video content for users. Additionally, Power Media Player provides a vast repository of content for users via a curated playlist of the 500 best virtual reality videos available on YouTube.

“For people who own a Windows Mixed Reality Headset, Power Media Player MR is their portal to immersive movies and photos,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “Using our new app is like going back to the first time you ever watched a movie – an exciting, novel experience that seems to shut out peripheral noises and distractions. It offers the ideal viewing environment no matter where you are.”


Power Media Player MR is now available for purchase on the Windows Store


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